World Orthoptic Day

Mark your calendar for this important date in the orthoptic calendar
to promote and celebrate the profession internationally.

What is World Orthoptic Day?
The International Orthoptic Association (IOA) is the global voice of the orthoptic profession which internationally is made up of 15 member national professional organisations and 6 associate member organizations. IOA World Orthoptic Day is the opportunity to heighten the visibility of the orthoptic profession and to promote the activities of orthoptists locally, nationally, and internationally.

When is it?
Annually on the first Monday of each June
The aim is that the IOA World Orthoptic Day will be integrated with other national celebrations and promotions of the mission and goals of orthoptic therapy. Many countries hold an orthoptic week or month yearly. If this does not fit with your country or time frame then individual events can be scheduled to suit any local time frames. This will help to increase the awareness of orthoptists and our association of the truly global impact of orthoptic.

Promoting and Celebrating World Orthoptic Day - Information and Resources
There are many ways to promote and celebrate World Orthoptic Day. Please do share your stories and pictures of how you celebrated World Orthoptic Day by emailing IOA Public Relations at

The IOA is providing some resources that you can utilise to help promote the event. These items have been designed exclusively for World Orthoptic Day and they can be downloaded from our website.

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