An Orthoptic Visit to Gibraltar

Afsar Ali
A Journey to: Gibraltar by Afsar Ali

I feel two aspects should be covered: 1) how the job is and 2) how the country is.
Gibraltar is a British colony, so when you arrive you don’t need to exchange your pounds into another currency, which saves you the hassle of breaking a sweat over complicated conversions.
One of the most interesting things I remember when I first arrived here I was sitting in traffic as the level crossing came down and I wondered what would go past, maybe a train or cattle but to my astonishment it was a plane just whizzing past.
The country is beautiful the weather is a good. The Gibraltar rock is a beauty which is always in sight wherever you go and if you can get to the top then there are monkeys to entertain you. During the summer most people head down to the beach and nothing is far away as the country I believe is only about 6 square kilometres.
The population is 27, 000 so if you are coming from a quiet town you will fit in nicely but if you are used to the hustle and bustle of London, Birmingham or Manchester then you may find it very quiet. If you are bored then Spain is only a 20 minutes‘ walk from the centre and then you have a lot more to explore.
To talk about the department at St Bernard`s Hospital. There are 2 main consultant, 2 Optometrists, 1 full time Orthoptist and 5 nurses. They are all very friendly and welcoming. Orthoptics here is varied with Diabetic fundus photography, a Glaucoma monitoring clinic, Vision screening and Visual fields also a new colorimeter service which should be starting this year. There are regular weekly meetings and once a month mega meetings with topics selected for presentation to keep up with CPD. In the summer sometimes it can be intermittently noisy as you can hear the fighter jets doing their usual exercise.

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