50 Years IOA!

The IOA's 50th birthday takes place in 2017 and the celebration lasts throughout the year. To mark this birthday the IOA is launching an ambitious storytelling project. We want to help orthoptists share personal stories about what the IOA means to them. 

Your story can be about anything at all. Examples include, but are not limited to: a moment in time spent at a Congress or an IOA symposium, a volunteer project, an exchange visit, a chat with a member, the first time your celebrated World Orthoptic Day or the friendships you made while serving on an IOA committee. Think about what defines the IOA for you and tell us your story.  

Do share a picture with us, write a few lines or send us a video message. You can email your story to Katherine J. Fray, IOA Secretary, at secretary@internationalorthoptics.org or post them on IOA Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. We will publish our favourite stories on our website during 2017. 

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